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One of the most common changes a cat owner would make about their pet cat is their ability to hunt, especially if they find dead (or alive!) prey in their homes on a regular basis. A question that cat owners often ask is ‘why does my cat still hunt when I provide them with cat food’?

Why do domestic cats hunt prey?

The domestic cat is a predatory species meaning that cats hunt for their food. Much like their wild ancestors, dome...

18 Feb 2020

Since December, both horses have had a break from competing as the season quietened down over Christmas, so this month has been aimed at building their fitness back up and getting them back out onto the competition circuit.

Few Scoops headed to his first competition of 2020 at Newbold Verdon in the 80-85cm Arena Eventing on January 19th. Although it didn’t go quite to plan, with Scoops throwing in a massive spook when we went i...

15 Feb 2020

The question that everyone wants the answer to – After all, we want our posts to have maximum impact!

However, unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t as simple as Sunday 6 pm (despite what people may think!). The best time to post on social media will depend on when our audience is online, and when your audience use specific social networks.

To get you started, check out the infographic below. We’ll then be digging into how to find t...

11 Feb 2020

Roses are red, violets are blue … but if you’re seeking true love, bring your Cockapoo!  This is the clear message for this Valentine Day’s according to which has conducted a survey that found that 44% of single men and 31% of unattached women think it’s easier to flirt when with their pet.

A whopping 78% of pet owners also say they find people with pets more attractive and 38% of d...

8 Feb 2020

Luxury accessories brand Teddy Maximus, are celebrating Valentine's Day with some great, luxury products for your adorable pooches

From chic carriers to adorable hand-crafted bow ties, Teddy Maximus have an ever-growing range of stylish accessories for your four-legged valentine to feel the love this February 14th. 

Treat your pooch to a personalised bone toy (£19.99) or a personalised neckerchief (from £19.50), luxury fleece bl...

4 Feb 2020

It’s no secret that lion populations are declining. In fact, in just the last century, the population across Africa has declined by nearly 97%, with many reports suggesting that wild lions would be extinct by 2020

Lions are already extinct in 26 African countries, but while the species may have survived that imminent deadline, with just 20,000 remaining, international wildl...

PDSA Vet gives advice on how to maintain your pet’s mental health

For us humans, mental health is something we are able to help boost with regular exercise and a good balanced diet. This can also be the case for our pets, who can suffer from the blues too.

Whether a cat, dog or rabbit, there are guidelines we can follow and behaviours we can look out for to ensure our pet continues to feel happy. For dogs, isolation can be a pro...

It can be difficult to detect if your cat has a noise phobia, but it can have a serious impact on wellbeing. Petplan behaviourist Inga MacKellar explores the triggers and looks at what you can do to help calm your pet


What causes a noise phobia in cats?

This is a problem that can stem from an early age. If cats are not exposed to the everyday sounds of people and other animals early on, it’s far more likely that they will grow...

We wouldn’t let a day go by without brushing our teeth, but did you know it’s just as important to ensure our pets have a dental routine to keep their teeth and gums healthy?

This year PDSA has been raising awareness of pet dental care. With dental disease a common problem for many of our four-legged friends, the vet charity is encouraging UK pet owners to ‘brush up’ on their pets’ dental health.

PDSA vet, Olivia Anderson-Nathan...

Walk into any pet shop or supermarket and you will find an array of different cat foods – wet, dry, complete, complementary – so much to choose from, but what does it all mean?

There are many classifications of cat food according to their:

  • nutritional adequacy (complete vs complementary)

  • life stage (kittens, adult, senior/geriatric)

  • sensitivities and lifestyle (hairball prevention, neutered, indoor, sensitive skin,...

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