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Piddle Patch - UK's only grass dog toilet

Michaela on behalf of Pebzz.com reviews Piddle Patch

Piddle Patch, the fresh grass toilet is such a great concept. It was designed by Rebecca to provide an indoor REAL GRASS toilet for your dog. As well as an easy toilet training tool it also is fresh, ultra absorbent & smell neutralising. The product is offered as a one-off or automatic re-order (you can choose from weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly) basis which gives the buyer flexibility.

Now, I was fascinated when I first came across Piddle Patch. Firstly because I like bringing nature indoors and secondly, we own a pair of bunnies & guinea pigs, which it thought would love this as entertainment as well has access to fresh grass. Plus we were hoping they use this as their digging box. So off I went to order my one-off box.

At just over £30 I thought it was a bit pricey but I was willing to give anything a try to stop my bunnies from digging the floor and carpets, as their actual digging box also provided little interest. I was astonished how quickly my Piddle Patch arrived in the post with easy to follow instructions and set up. The grass was fresh & green and ready to be placed wherever you wanted it. Instructions on how to keep your grass looking fresh were a good reminder to water it regularly.

As you can see from my bunnies & guinea pigs, they absolutely loved their Piddle Patch as enrichment to their daily routine. The piddle patch lasted a good 2 weeks with regular watering and the grass was growing nicely for the animal to graze on.

So overall we were very impressed with the concept of the Piddle Patch and view it as a very diverse and entertaining product. We think it is great for an dog & small pet owner, although a little bit pricey, there is nothing on the market (apart from your own back garden) that compares and is great for owners of apartments and anyone wanting to bring a bit of nature inside.

Rebecca has also told us that a new and improved Piddle Patch is being released shortly, so watch the space.

We give Piddle Patch the following rating scale:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 5

Shipping time 5

Value for Money 3


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best

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