Rabbit Health Workshop

Rabbit owners, we have the solution to all your bunny handling problems.

Pebzz has teamed up with Small Companion Lodging in West London to introduce a practical workshop on Rabbit Health. This workshop will give you a chance to ask any of the questions you always has around rabbit handling, the dreaded nail clipping, diet, grooming, cage set up and any other questions you may have.

Workshops are run on a monthly basis in the evening and are great for any children looking to own a rabbit or adults wanting a refresher course in rabbit keeping. Or if you own a more challenging rabbit that is not used to being handled.

You can bring your own rabbit along or we can show you on our pair, Pebzz & Smudge, what to look out for.

We also offer this workshop for Guinea Pig or Degu owners.

Sign up now at SCL Courses.

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