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Twinky's Pet Bakery - Delicious & Healthy Pet Treats

I first came across Twinky's Pet Bakery via Twitter and offered to test some samples for them. Twinky's pride themselves on only using fresh and natural ingredients, being DEFRA approved and making healthy treats, cakes and gift boxes for dogs and cats.

The first thing I found was that their website is really easy to use. Options are clear for all products and the animals they are for. It even allows you to order a free sample to try out, with just a small contribution to postage. This was the option I selected.

Packaging and presentation

The treats arrived within a few days so I was impressed how quickly they were able to produce them and get them to me.

A prettily wrapped package arrived all in pink tissue paper, with a little pink bow on the treats giving it a personalised feel.

The delivery came with lots of helpful information, a welcome note, withinformation on subscription options and some discount offers.

The actual samples also came labelled with a comprehensive list of ingredients, advice and production information.

All in all, a great service so far with lovely presentation and all the information you would need.

The Taste Test!!

I tested the treats on our favourite, dog walking trio - Dexter, Dizzy and Dolly, the three Dalmatians. Certainly a good testing team of young and old, male and female dogs.

The main thing I noticed, but did not expect, was that the treats did not smell of dog type food at all! They smelt of normal, human biscuits, even though the contents are everything a dog should enjoy. The texture was solid but crunchy.....so they didn't crumble but were like a good biscuit.

Now you could easily argue that dogs will eat any treat...and this is true! So after the first try I did give them a choice between the Twinky snack and a typical meat based one. They all did go for the Twinky one first and I could tell they really liked them.

So, in summary, I would recommend you try Twinky's Pet Bakery for yourself, either as a gift for a dog or cat or with a view to making it a regular purchase. Our testers loved them and I think yours will too!

We give Twinky's Pet Bakery the following rating scale:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 4

Shipping time 5

Value for Money 4


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best



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