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DogSafe UK South West - Canine First Aid Courses

Our sponsor, DogSafe South West, invited us to attend a one day Canine First Aid Course held at their premises in Exeter, Devon. The course results in a level 2 qualification which is endorsed by the AoFA (The Association of First Aiders) and was delivered to a very high standard, by trained professionals with extensive experience in this sector.

It was an action packed, but fun and very informative day which flew by. I arrived at the training centre to a warm welcome from Claire & Simon and the scene was set for a well organised day, which started promptly at 9.30am. Tea, Coffee & biscuits were provided as well as all course materials. I also received a very comprehensive course workbook which was mine to take away for future reference. The day was split into four sessions which were followed by a short, straight forward, multiple choice question paper.

The course started off with a brief ice breaker, then the first morning session provided an overview of canine health and a section about canine behaviour, which led up to the first coffee break.

After coffee, the course quickly moved on to a more practical and hands-on section, where students learned about scene assessment and primary survey - the first steps when approaching an incident. Amongst other topics, this session covered canine rescue breaths and chest compressions.

After lunch, the course went through many more subjects including choking, drowning, shock and bleeding, before another break for tea and biscuits. After this final break, the course moved through the remaining topics and finished with the short multiple choice test.

The course gave the students the knowledge and confidence required to deal with those emergency situations that we all hope will never happen. A day very well spent.

DogSafe SW are in the process of putting together a canine first aid kit that owners/walkers can take on dog walks. I think this is a great idea, and look forward to seeing the product when it becomes available.

To summarise, this was a well structured, well run course and I highly recommend it to anyone owning a dog, to professionals working with dogs, and to anyone looking to own a dog in future. Sign up for a Canine First Aid Course at DogSafe SW.



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