Madeline & Few Scoops Complete Double Dressage Victory!


3 September 2017

Last weekend I attended my local riding club's dressage championships, which I had qualified for earlier in the year. This has been my first season of dressage, so getting this far was a real achievement for me.

Although we felt very nervous in our warm-up test, we pulled out some very good moves, with a strict judge, to score 64.7% and win the class.

In our second test we performed just as well to get a consistent score of 63.1% to win the class for a second time.

I was thrilled with both of my results, as I only started competing at dressage competitions in April. Coming out with two wins, in a competition with harsh marking, was an amazing achievement. I can't wait to work really hard over the winter so I can hopefully bring these scores up and do even better next year!

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