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PetBloon - New Product Review

Pebzz attended PATS Telford, September 2017 where we first came across PetBloon. It is a brand new product, not yet available on the market but looking to launch in early 2018.

PetBloon is an innovative, fun toy, specially designed for small dog breeds. It covers a standard size balloon, transforming it into a light, durable, fun toy the whole family can play with. Its gift-ready packaging contains 1 PetBloon Polyester Balloon Cover & 3x Latex Balloons so you are ready to play. At an expected retail price of £9.99 we feel it is good value for money.

Pebzz was able to product test the PetBloon with Junior, the long legged Jack Russel, Staffie cross and here is how it went:

Set up:

PetBloon is a very simple product to assembly. All you need to do is put one of the balloons provided in the ball cover and start inflating it. Once inflated, just twist the end (as shown in the pictures below) and push inside the ball to close with the velcro provided. The ball stays inflated by itself. And it is ready to provide hrs of entertainment.


One thing we noticed straight away is that Junior was instantly attracted to the new toy. This is due to its bespoke dog print fabric which is designed within the dogs colour spectrum (yellow to blue) for maximum appeal.

Junior, due to its breed, loves chewing balls and squeaky toys and he wasted no time on road testing the PetBloon. Larger than his usual toys he enjoyed that it was lightweight and he could bounce on it as well as fight with it in the air. As he is quite a chewer and biter, the toy has survived his heavy play with flying colours and the balloon has not burst. So overall we feel that this toy is made of very good quality and has been very thoughtfully designed with the dog's needs in mind.

We look forward to seeing this product hit the stores and pet shops early next year. Why not let us know if you would consider buying this product for your pet? We would love to hear from you either on any of our social media pages, on our blog page or by sending us an email.

We give PetBloon the following rating scale:

Online order process N/A

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 5

Shipping time N/A

Value for Money 4


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best

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