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Thinking about a Dog DNA test & wondering which one to get?

Pebzz has searched the market and found two leading DNA kits to test. One was from Viaguard /DNA Affirm at £34 from Amazon and one from Wisdom Panel 2.0 at £69 from Amazon. So at nearly double the price, what does Wisdom Panel 2.0 deliver that makes it worth the money? Or is it?!?

Our first observation was that ordering is easy either through their own, direct websites or places like Amazon / eBay. You might find different versions of the kit (1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 for Wisdom Panel) and these might be slightly cheaper priced. The difference in version relates to the inclusion of more breeds over time, so it's probably worth paying for the latest version.

The main differences we found were:

1) Quality of pack provided

2) Presentation of the pack that comes through the post

3) Ease of use

4) Price

The Wisdom Panel test was much more sophisticated in its presentation (better paper used, easier to use in terms of registration process and less paperwork) while the Viaguard test, although having swab test that were similar, had paperwork that was very much just photocopies and you got more paperwork with it to read. Instructions were not as easy to follow, as you had to read more, rather than having it presented in a simple-to-follow illustration. Once you got to the point of having taken the swab samples from your dog and packaged ready to post back, for both tests it was important to register your dog / test online using codes that were provided. The only unusual request from Viaguard was to actually provide a picture of your dog, which Wisdom did not request.

Once you send your kit off, both companies send you a confirmation email that the tests have been received and that results should be with you in 2-3 weeks.

Both companies didn't take that long to respond. Results were received within 10 days. The interesting point was that results were shared with us via an online PDF report of several pages long.

Wisdom did not provide much of detail in terms of Level 2, 3 or 4 when it came to my dog's ancestry, as can be seen from the below Certificates that we were provided. This may well be due to the nature of the level of test I purchased (2.0). We did feel that the report and certificate provided by Viaguard was so much more detailed and quite different from Wisdom. Given the kit cost nearly 50% less than the Wisdom kit, we feel that in terms of value for money we would recommend this as a definite winner.

So in conclusion, we recommend purchasing the Viaguard test in terms of results provided, value for money and details given.

Please note that should you ever want to use a DNA result to show that your dog is not a dangerous under the DDA (Dangerous Dog Act), these are not actually admitted for evidence. Our research confirms this given the differing results that were presented to us.

We would love for you to share your experience with DNA testing kits, share this post or post your comments. Get involved!

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