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GHS Direct - UK's leading specialist in animal care & cleaning products

We caught up with Donna Piercy, responsible for Sales and Business Development at one of Pebzz' main sponsors, GHS Direct, to find out more about the UK's leading specialists in animal care cleaning products

1) How and when did your business start? Who are the key decision makers and what is your company mission for next 3-5 years? GHS was originally formed in 1985 by the Barrett family. It's a family run business that has evolved over time, gaining strength and facing daily challenges to the ever increasing competitive market in all sectors. Today, GHS is run by the Board of Directors, along with a friendly team of dedicated workers who have specialties and knowledge in their own areas. We supply essential hygiene products to professional business users - providing effective and economical usage without any unnecessary expense. They are safe for the user and, most importantly, Cruelty Free and Biodegradable.

2) How did it get into supplying specifically for the pet industry? Here at GHS, we all have our own pets and we understand just how important caring for them is, what's involved and, of course, the cost to do that. The selection of products on the market was previously quite sparse, dull and even included some harsh ones. Mr Barrett realised the potential to create a unique product that could be supplied, neutral or fragranced to an individuals liking, to many other animal loving people and carers. And so he created a product called 'Animal Safe' way back in 2002, which is now called 'Bacta-Care'. The product has had independent efficiency tests, with fantastic results including a high dilution rate of 1:120 for EN13697, in dirty conditions and does not contain phenols or aldehydes. We have had experienced great custom which then led to us introducing other products to our range.

3) How important is animal welfare to you, considering you supply to other service industries? Animal Welfare is extremely important to us and is an increasing concern. In this area we can help by supplying cost effective products in order to prevent, control and minimize disease, sickness and infection. The company does not use or source ingredients tested on animals and we have made a pledge to Cruelty Free International.

4) How are you different from other service providers in your field? What is your unique selling point (USP) GHS believe that valuable custom and repeat custom must be rewarded and we do this by offering our special package deals. Our product range has increased over time and will continue to do so. Here at GHS we can provide the right working solution at the right price for all our cleaning and disinfecting products. We are committed to minimising its impact on the environment by evaluating the effects that raw materials may have and incorporating this factor into the final product formulation. GHS is committed to the removal and non-use of unnecessary components that do not contribute to the product performance. We manufacture products with protection of the animals and the environment in mind and the company aims to reduce its carbon foot-print, using recycled materials wherever possible.

5) What has been your greatest lesson in business? Biggest mistake? No Pain - No Gain. Almost all growth in life comes through pain. 6) Do you supply to trade and retail? How do you keep your prices as competitive as they are? GHS supplies direct - we are business to business. We cut out the middle man so costs and our products are not altered in any way. Our products are made fresh, delivered direct and hold a good long shelf life. 7) Are you going to expand supply on a global basis or stick to GB, Northern Ireland and Eire? This is something for the future, for now we are happy to stick to our current areas of supply. 8) Do you have any exciting new products coming to market or that you are working on? We are currently busy working on two new products. 9) What are you most proud of at GHS? We are most proud of becoming 'Leaping Bunny Certified' with Cruelty Free International. We are also proud that Vira-Care, our Broad Spectrum Disinfectant-Cleaner, is DEFRA General Orders approved and sits on the Approved Disinfectant List, and we have also won a few awards along the way. 10) Do you have any pets of your own? If so, what do you have? Yes, most of us here have our own pets from dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and fish to tortoises and hedgehogs - the pygmy kind! For more information about GHS Direct and their products and services, please visit www.ghs-direct.com