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Farm Food - 100% Holistic and Natural Menu For Dogs

I first met the team from Farm Food during a visit to PATS, in Telford in September. Farm Food began in 1982, originally producing a natural food during scientific research into dog food. After the trials ended in 1984, the food was so popular that breeders asked for the food to continue to be produced. Still maintaining its Dutch, family business heritage, the company has grown it's product range and has been expanding into the UK for the past couple of years - this probably explains why you may not be familiar with them yet.

The full range of products covers pressed food (HE), training snacks (Trainers), natural chews (Rawhide and Antlers), puppy milk (No.1) and steam fresh food (Fresh Menu) - we tested a range of products from the Fresh, HE and Rawhide menus. All products are available online and the website is easy to navigate and the order process simple to complete. Options are clear for all product ranges.

Packaging and presentation

The packaging is very professional, high quality and also informative. In addition to the usual, nutritional information there is a detailed feeding guide, which covers your dog's age and weight to calculate the feeding amount, but in more weight and age bands than you would normally get.

The Taste Test!!

I tested all the products on Junior, our in-house taste tester. He's a very energetic dog so needs good nutrition and needs it often! He loves his food and treats but he is very selective.

The main thing I noticed was the genuine quality of the products. It's easy to tell that they are made from natural ingredients as the smell is similar to human food! The chew is currently his favourite, in close competition with his bone!

With the treats, you could easily argue that dogs will eat any one...and this is true! So after the first try I did give Junior a choice between the Trainer snack and his typical one. He did go for the Farm Food one first and I could tell he really liked it.

So, in summary, I would recommend you try Farm Food for yourself, either over the full range or a single product. Our tester loved them and I think yours will too!

We give Farm Food the following rating scale:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 5

Shipping time 4

Value for Money 4


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best

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