The Lonely Cat - Why to consider adopting a black cat

If there’s a black cat that crosses the street in my path, I will turn around and walk 20 minutes out of my way to not cross it -Lauren Groff

The Halloween moon may have just set; jack o lanterns ghoulish faces have disappeared and costumes have returned to their cardboard boxes for another year, yet the black cat still remains.

The safety of our pets during events that take place over the Autumn/Winter months is often overlooked. Those most at risk? The black cat. Often targeted, warnings of keeping black cats safe indoors in the month of October were swirling around on various news sites. The ill treatment and the subtle cruelty of adopting black cats as accessories during the month of October, only for them to be dumped or returned to shelters is a sad reality.

How did this spike in danger around Halloween come into existence?

Historically, cats were safeguarded and worshipped amongst Egyptian Pharos and sacred to Greek Goddesses. The introduction Of Judaism and Christianity eliminated this. Stamping out all vestiges of pagan religions. Sadly, the view that “the black cat was always Lucifer’s messenger. And sometimes they revenged themselves on the black cat for all the fear they had of the Devil” can be seen as a contributing factor for the stigmatism that shrouds them to this day. Fast forward to present day, decorations featuring that devil cats or black kittens can be easily spotted. Mystic creatures of the night, the accomplice of a wicked witch, a classic Halloween symbol. An image that is oh so common.

Although, these superstitious views aren’t held by everyone. However, it is hard to ignore the mass number of black cats left in shelters in comparison to other lighter “prettier” cats.

A shadow in the dark perhaps, they are not to be overlooked. Those who already have a home may be safe to roam their neighbourhood streets once again, but what about those who do not have a home to call their own? Black cats are notoriously known for being the hardest colour to rehome with the outlook for an adult cat in a rescue centre being especially bleak. Left waiting for someone to see past their colour for countless months and sometimes years. Nonetheless, there are so many reasons to consider adopting a black cat.

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

1. They have the lowest adoption rate

2. Statistically black cats are the friendliest

3. Black cats are chic

4. They look great in pictures and can improve any selfie

5. Holding a black cat is very slimming

6. They are mini panthers in the house

7. They’re lucky in many cultures and adopting one is lucky for them

8.Their fur is the most beautiful of all felines

9.Love knows no colour

10. And as said by Deng Xiaoping “No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat

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