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How to deal with NEGATIVE customer feedback

We have all been there...put a lot of effort into something and when it came to presenting the results, the person on the other end was not happy. Or maybe there was a personal dislike or the person was having a bad day? Whatever the reason, NEGATIVE reviews are part of the business we are in and although it can be very upsetting there are ways to turn it into a positive.

What should you do if someone writes a negative review?

Although not the easiest thing to do we highly recommend that you do not take the feedback personally and that you put yourself into the position of the person that left the review. Take the emotion out of it and ask yourself, would you have the same opinion if you put yourself into the shoes of the reviewer? Does the feedback make sense, although you don't like it? Be honest with yourself, not emotional.

If possible, seek further clarification from the customer on their feedback. It may help shed some light or detail on it. Once you look at the feedback from the customers perspective and understand it, you have a unique opportunity to hear exactly what your customers think of your service or product. You know what you need to improve.

So how can you turn negative feedback around?

1 - Take the feedback onboard and start working to rectify it. Where possible, add an apology comment to the feedback and recognise your shortcomings. To further show you are keen to address the issue, offer the customer some kind of compensation. Maybe a discount next time.

2 - If possible, implement a feedback form for customers and give them the opportunity to raise concerns offline. Before they vent online.

3 - If you are not sure what to do or it requires expert help to rectify the issue (such as improving the booking system, update websites, hiring extra help etc), don't be afraid to seek professional help. Make sure you find professionals that can help at reasonable prices - always seek 2-3 quotes.

How can Pebzz.com help you tackle NEGATIVE feedback?

Together we can help you analyse your business and make suggestions on improvements. We can provide you with an independent, objective opinion on your business and help develop and implement an improvement strategy. We can even reach out to your customers and investigate and validate the complaint on your behalf.

Check out 'Our Packages' for any other services we can help with. So why not book an initial consultation with us or any other service you may require.



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