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5 Ways To Look After Your Pet In Cold Weather

Argos Pet Insurance gives a message on how to take care of your pets in the colder weeks

As the winter months begin, the weather gets a lot colder and we worry about our furry friends who enjoy exploring the outdoors. While they may be well adapted to the cold weather, they can still become unwell when exposed to extremes. Making sure they are looked after is important.

Here are five tips from Argos Pet Insurance on how to look after your pet in the cold weather:

1. Check your pet’s health

When the temperature drops below 0⁰C, your pet may be at risk of frostbite and hypothermia if they spend prolonged periods outside. Unchecked, hypothermia can lead to serious consequences, so make sure they’re in good physical condition during winter.

2. A shelter

If you own a cat then they tend to explore at night. Once their owner goes to bed, outdoor cats without a cat flap can’t get into their warm home until morning. Temperatures are at their lowest in the middle of the night so make sure there is a warm shelter available at all times. An outdoor sheltered area such as a shed or an elevated box filled with blankets should keep any pet dry and warm.

3. Fresh water

Regularly replace your pet’s water as it will freeze in cold weather. Without fresh water, they could drink from gutters and puddles. These can contain toxic chemicals, especially during winter when antifreeze is regularly used.

4. Check your vehicle

In cold weather, cats will look for warm spots to sleep in. They tend to find warmth around car engines, so check under your car and bonnet for any napping cats.

5. Be careful with chemicals

When using antifreeze on your vehicle during the cold months, keep the chemical away from pets. Antifreeze, though it tastes sweet, is deadly and pets that don’t know any better will want to drink it.

If your pet displays the signs of poisoning, which include loss of balance, vomiting and lethargy, seek help from your vet immediately.

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