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New Year Resolutions For You AND Your Pet - with the Ferplast Optima

Did you know that a dog eating a sausage is the equivalent of a human eating three hamburgers?! Or a cat eating a large chunk of cheese is equal to six doughnuts?! Like humans, in moderation this may be harmless. But eaten on a regular basis you may be seriously affecting your pet's long term health.

We spoil our pets because we love them but many of us fall into the habit of tipping food into their bowl without too much thought. But not following feeding guidlines is cited as the biggest single contributor to weight gain for all pets - especially cats (72%) and small furries (60%) - according to a survey by PFMA.

Obesity has long lasting consequences on your pet's health, with the underlying, long term implications posing the biggest risk. Carrying excess weight can lead to arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. It can also shorten their life span and, in some case, be fatal.

But can inactive pets lose weight simply by going on a diet?

The simple answer is YES! Diet alone is the most influencial factor in any weight loss programme - as advised by the University of Liverpool's Royal Canin Weight Management clinic.

Dieting for cats and dogs is not as straightforward as it is for humans. There is no such thing as a bikini diet or boot camp for animals. Healthy weight loss must be slow and steady (months rather than weeks) so speak to your vet before you start. You will be given a tailored diet based on your pet's body condition, age, breed and medical history. You will be given an achievable target weight, advice about feeding and tips on exercise.

One really useful tool to help you with your pet's dieting plan is the Optima feeding bowl with built-in scales, from Ferplast.

The feeding bowl has a built-in electronic scale which accurately weighs the correct amount of food for your pet. It has anti-slip rubber feet for increased stability and a large LCD display screen with easy to use with Tare functions (these allow you to zero the scale including the empty bowl, so only the food you put in is weighed).

It's easy to use and accurate in grams or ounces. Made of strong plastic, it comes complete with a 0.85 litre stainless steel bowl which is hygienic and removable for easy cleaning. Thanks to its small size, it can be carried with you on various occasions. It works with 2 replaceable 1.5V AAA type alkaline batteries (not included). As far as maintenance is concerned, clean the scale and the bowl with a damp cloth.

It retails at £34, which is a reasonable price for the quality of the product and long term durability.

We give the Optima scale the following rating:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 5

Shipping time 4

Value for Money 4


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