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A Better Way To Train Your Dog? - The Dog Guardian Canine Behaviour Seminar

Pebzz attended a canine behaviour seminar, held by Nigel Reed - The Dog Guardian, in Hammersmith, London in November 2017.

With our own rescue dog, Junior, in mind we were interested to see if there was a different way to change his unwanted behavioural traits such as pulling on the lead and jumping up on people.

Traditional methods tend to rely on 'tricks' or 'diversions' to train your dog to act in the way you want. But what if there was a method that got to the route cause of what makes a dog behave....or not behave?

Fifty people packed into the conference room for a four hour education seminar, which included video clips at each learning point to show the methods used in action, with case studies showing how it works in real life.

The Dog Guardian method is based on 4 core principals -

1) Your dog's needs - learning how to recognise them and fulfill them

2) Your dog's language - learning how to communicate in a language it will really understand

3) Your dog's state - learning how to read your dog's signals to ensure it is relaxed and responsive

4) Your leadership style - learning how to be a leader your dog respects and feels safe with

Nigel's engaging and witty style made everyone feel at ease straight away, with the audience being encouraged to share their experiences and problems. Three main aspects of the seminar came across very well. Firstly, it made sense! By that I mean that the foundations and reasoning for the methods used were logical and were well explained. Secondly, for any problem a dog owner had, there was a root cause linked to one or more of the core principals. Thirdly, and most importantly, Nigel could back his explanation and solution with examples of how he has resolved these issues.....with real people, real dogs and by showing videos that demonstrated this in action.

We have started using the Dog Guardian methods with Junior and have seen improvement very quickly. It requires effort, time and dedication to really see the new behaviour bed-in to become normal for the dog, but that is true of any method you may follow.

There are a range of ways you can get access to the Dog Guardian methods, all available on the website - via online or group courses, seminars, one-to-one help or by reading about it in Nigel's book, The Dog Guardian - Your Guide to a Happy and Well-Behaved Dog via the Amazon link included.

So, if you do have problem behaviour with your puppy or dog then you should check out the Dog Guardian and see how he can help you. We highly recommend both Nigel and his methods and we don't think you will be disappointed.

Visit Nigel Read, the Dog Guardian, at www.thedogguardian.com



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