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The International Cat Show - Leatherhead, Surrey on January 6th/7th 2018

Pebzz attended an Allbreed Championship and Household Pet Cat Show, organised and managed by London Cats, the Communications and Events company in association with TICA, The International Cat Association.

Directed by the charismatic Steven Meserve, this was definitely not your normal cat show. Having attended shows previously, our pre-conception of old ladies in cardigans, judging cats in silence and nobody really knowing what was going on, was certainly laid to rest!

So how do you apply some razzmatazz to a cat show?!

Well firstly you make sure the judges are the best the world can provide. The top judges in the industry were in attendance, having flown in from the U.S.A., France and Belgium to support the UK contingent.

Then you make sure the set up ensures everything runs smoothly and that the 3,000 people attending are engaged by always having something to see. So the team at London Cats increased the number of show rings from the usual four to eight. And then you make sure that the people running the rings have microphones! So the audience always know what's going on and delays to category judging are kept to a minimum by getting the cats there on time.

Finally, you get over 200 of the best in class cats to compete, with owners travelling in from as far as France, Canada and the Netherlands to compete in categories ranging from types of household cat to the most exotic breeds on the planet and everything in between.

To keep the audience occupied in between judging there were plenty of sponsor stalls to visit, pick up a bargain or learn something new. You would expect a prestigious event such as this to attract the best sponsors and this was certainly true, with show support from PurrForm, Dr. Elsey's, and Furminator. In addition, vendor attendance from Katzenworld, Bengal Cat World, Astor and Windsor International, Pawtrax and Tiga Cat Toys gave the show an additional exhibitor feel.

So, if you love cats and want to experience the best cats in the world, judged by the best judges in the world and in an exciting, fun atmosphere then look no further than events run by London Cats.

Visit London Cats at http://www.londoncats.org.uk



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