Introducing a Doggy's Cuppa - a doggy herbal tea developed by Veterinary Surgeon Veneta Kozhuhar met the lovely Veneta at the National Pet Show in Birmingham last year and since then has been fascinated by the herbal tea range she introduced to tackle obesity in dogs. We were so impressed with the products that we decided to ask her 10 questions and learn more about her:

1) How and when did your business start and what is your business goal for the next 1-3 years?

Doggy’s Cuppa herbal dog teas were launched at the National Pet Show, 4-5th November 2017 in Birmingham. Our business goal is for our dog teas to reach as many dog owners as possible and to extend our current 8 tea range by adding new varieties. We are currently working on developing a range of natural herbal dog cosmetics. So watch the space.

2) What is your background and experience that lead you into starting this particular business?

In 2011, I met a rescued dog named Max. He was a 19 year old German Shepherd mix. He was an elderly but happy boy, with no medical issues, in great condition. His owner was feeding him only ‘REAL’ food in the form of home-made, balanced meals. Max was my inspiration. Since then I have spent years in study and research on canine nutrition. As a qualified veterinary surgeon, I was recommending to dog owners, who were asking for advice for feeding their dogs, to add pinch of herbs daily to their dogs’ food. And the feedback I received was great. Many noticed improvements of their four-legged friends’ health. Then I developed this idea further and formulated Doggy’s Cuppa herbal dog teas.

3) How are you different from other service providers in your field?

Doggy’s Cuppa herbal blends are formulated by myself, a qualified Vet with expertise in Canine Nutrition. Our tasty brews contain no added flavours or preservatives and we use only loose, human grade herbs. When you see or prepare our teas for yourself you will see that they contain only fresh herbs from the best quality. If you have a busy life-style to prepare a tea then you can sprinkle our herbs over your dog’s food as part of their daily nutrition.

4) What has been your greatest lesson in business? Biggest mistake?

We are brand new business. We are still learning, and we will try to avoid mistakes.

5) Tell us about your product range, their benefits and why you think people should buy them? What animals are they for and how can you order one?

Doggy’s Cuppa dog tea range is a healthy addition to dogs’ diet and includes 8 varieties. All blends support dogs’ health in natural way, boost the immune system and support specific body organ system. Our Morning Brew is formulated to energise. Evening Brew has relaxing properties and it is great for reactive dogs and youngsters. Soothing Brew supports digestion. Detoxing Brew supports urinary health. Calming Brew is designed to calm and helps with separation anxiety. We have special blends for obese and overweight dogs – Slimming Brew, for ageing dogs – Rejuvenating Brew and Fitness Brew for working dogs.

Doggy’s Cuppa brews can be purchased on

Our stock partners will be revealed soon on our website.

6) How long have you worked in the pet or animal industry?

I am a practicing Veterinary Surgeon for 10 years. Since 2011, I am Member of The Royal College of The Veterinary Surgeons and The British Veterinary Association. Canine nutrition is my passion and I was able to establish my own and independent veterinary nutrition consultation service in 2016. In 2017, I got my Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition and I became a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

7) How important is animal welfare to you, considering the unique nature of your product and services?

Our herbal dog teas are formulated with care and are designed to support dogs’ wellbeing.

8) Do you have any exciting new products coming to market or that you are working on?

Currently, we are developing an exciting range of natural, herbal dog cosmetics which we aim to launch in early August on BBC Countryfile Live Show where you can meet us, and your dogs can taste our doggy teas.

9) What are you most proud so far?

We are very proud of our contribution to a charity organisation by donating dog teas and especially our Calming Brew which helps foster and rescue dogs during the stressful periods of finding a new home.

10) Do you have any pets of your own? If so, what do you have?

We had our Labrador Mix rescue dog Terra who unfortunately passed away recently. All Doggy’s Cuppa Brews have been tested by our friend’s dogs – Cherry the Pug, Dara the Mini Pincher and Buzz – the Pomeranian. We are sending our thanks to all our doggy friends and their owner for their support! Without you we shouldn’t be able to create our dog teas.