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Is your dog microchipped and details up to date?

Microchips are now compulsory in the UK.

They make it much easier to reunite lost dogs with their owners; however, the chip is only useful if the information associated with it is correct. It's vital you keep your dogs microchip details up to date.

Microchips store a number which can be read by a microchip scanner, and that number is registered with your details in the microchip provider's database. There are numerous different providers though, so do check and update your details. For that you need to know your dog's microchip number as well as the database your microchip is registered with.

If you already know those, skip to the end of this article to see the list of microchip providers contact details.

Where to find your dog's microchip number

Your dog's microchip number might be on:

  • The paper you received when your dog was chipped (it maybe written under a barcode)

  • Pet passport

  • Pet insurance documents

  • Vaccination card

  • Paperwork your received when you purchased or adopted your dog

  • Your dogs veterinary records (call your vet and ask)

If you can't find your dog's number written down anywhere don't panic! You just need to get your dog scanned and the chip number will display on the scanner. Lots of places can scan a dog's chip including a veterinary practice, dog warden, rescue centre and some boarding services.

For most people the easiest and most convenient option to get scanned is your local vet practice, call and check, but usually there will be no charge and you probably won't need an appointment as a nurse or receptionist can quickly carry out the scan for you.

How to find out your dog's microchip provider

There are multiple different microchip providers in the UK. To check and update your dog's details you need to contact the corresponding provider for your dog's chip. If you found the paperwork that went with your dog's microchip then hopefully you'll also have the microchip provider's name. If not then enter your chip number here and it will tell you the provider: https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk/

UK Microchip Providers Contacts

Once you know your dog's microchip number and provider you need to get in touch with them to check the details. Most providers will let you update by phone, online or post. Here are the contact details for the various UK microchip providers:

Here are the main Microchip Databases, some details on how  you update chip details and how much it costs to change details?

Animal Tracker - Update your chip online at https://www.animaltracker.co.uk or by phone on 01279 219777.Free if already have an account, otherwise one off £12 for premium account and then you can update as often as you like.

Identibase (previously Anibase) - Update your chip by registering online at https://www.identibase.co.uk or by phone on 01904 487600. Free if you already have an Identibase Plus (£15.95) or Premium account (£20.95).

MicroChip Central - Update your chip online at https://www.microchipcentral.com or call 01223 790100. Free if you have an account, one off £12 free to register an account.

Micro Dog ID - For help see https://microdogid.org or call 0207 8220909.

National Veterinary Data Service - Contact your vet practice, your dog's chip details will be updated automatically when you update your details with your vet practice.

Pet Identity UK  - Update your microchip details online at https://www.petidentityuk.info or call 0800 975 1960. £10 when you register your chip, lifetime updates free

Petlog - Update online at https://www.petlog.org.uk/ or call 01296 336579 (updating by phone has an admin fee). Sign up to PetLog Premium for a one off fee of £17 to update as often as you like online. To update over the phone admin fee of £10.

Protected Pet  - Update your chip by calling https://www.protectedpet.com or call 0844 414 2262. £15.99 to set up Gold Membership and then free updates for life.

Smartchip/trace - Update online at http://www.smarttrace.org.uk or call 01208 420 999. £9.95 for a one off change or £19.95 for premium membership including unlimited changes.

UK PETtrac - Update online at https://www.pettrac.co.uk or call either 01273 408722 or 0800 652 9 977. £6 per change or register for Plus scheme for £16.95 for unlimited changes.

If your dog's chip wasn't registered in the UK, try here for European chips: www.europetnet.com you can also transfer your chips registration to a UK provider to update it.

How much does changing microchip details cost?

There may be an admin fee if you do need to make changes to the information stored in the microchip database. The cost varies between providers, see the table above. Most microchip databases offer two options, either a one-off fee or a membership that lets you change the details as often as you like at no additional charge. In most cases the membership fee is equal to or only slightly higher than the one off fee and works out much more cost effective. You may have already paid the membership fee when you registered your chip.

Microchip Emergency Contact Details

Did you know, as well as your own contact information, the database providers may also let you add an emergency contact? This is someone else they can get in touch with if you aren't available - perhaps you are away or just have your phone switched off. Choose a person who will be able to collect your dog and, if necessary, make decisions about their welfare. Make sure you ask them first before adding their details, and you keep their contact information, as well as your own, up to date. Some people choose friends or family, others their trusted dog walker or boarder.

Temporary / Holiday Microchip Details

Before you go away on holiday you should add the contact details for the home boarder or kennel your dog is staying with. If your dog does get lost they'll be able to get in touch with the boarding service straight away instead of trying, and possibly failing, to contact you when you are away from home or abroad. The database provider will still contact you if they can't reach the boarder.

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