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Introducing Easypet Exports - an international pet relocation service based in Cyprus

Pebzz.com caught up with Krissy, co-founder of Easypet Exports, to discuss their pet relocation service.

1) How and when did your business start and what is your business goal for the next 1-3 years?

Easypet exports started 5 years ago and has gone from strength to strength every year. My husband, Chris, who is also my business partner, and I were a little taken back by how quickly it grew and became an island wide service. We provide international pet relocation for people moving to or from Cyprus and have flown pets to many interesting places around the world!

As agents of many major airlines, not just in Cyprus but also the UK, we are now looking to focus on working with our UK based customers to co-ordinate their pet’s worldwide travel plans.

2) What is your background and experience that lead you into starting this particular business?

My husband and I relocated to Cyprus from the UK 6 years ago and both had very different jobs to what we do now! After arriving in Cyprus, I helped out in a local dog kennels which is where I first learnt about pet travel and started running this service for customers using the boarding facilities. My husband and I soon realised the need and potential for an independent, professional pet relocation service - and so Easypet Exports was born!

3) How are you different from other service providers in your field? What is your unique selling point (USP)?

We always try and offer an excellent level of customer service to our clients which seems to be what people leave us feedback about. The thought of flying your pets can be a daunting experience for many owners and we always gently guide them through the process and offer support, advice and reassurance along the way. We also offer home visits for those not able to come to our offices. Here we talk through their pet’s travel plans and also gives us an opportunity to meet their furry family members!

4) What has been your greatest lesson in business? Biggest mistake? We have learnt many lessons as we have developed over the years. With every mistake or new issue we had to overcome, came knowledge and the ability to foresee when we might experience potential problems. We now triple check everything particularly pet passports to ensure pets arrive at their destination issue free!

Our biggest mistake…… not setting the business up sooner!

5) What changes have you seen in the types of pets being exported?

We tend to import/export the usual cats, dogs, parrots, snakes, rabbits etc but we have recently had an owner with 21 dogs, 10 cats, a cockatoo and 2 sparrows that we relocated to Dublin! This was our largest export to date, a mammoth task that resulted in the animals flying on different flights across different airlines, departing over a space of 5 days. This took many hours of planning and careful co-ordination by the team.

6) How important is animal welfare to you, considering the unique nature of your product and services? There are many cases of animal cruelty/abuse around us and the island’s volunteer-run animal shelters are overwhelmed and full. We work with one of our local shelters to help fly dogs/cats that have been adopted overseas by organising flights to locations around the EU.

7) Do you have any exciting new products coming to market or that you are working on? We have recently launched Easypet Cat Hotel, an indoor cat hotel where each cat staying with us is pampered and spoilt during their stay. We serve fish and chicken twice a day and cuddles and daily playtime are mandatory!

8) What are you most proud of at 'Easy Pet Export'?

My husband, Chris! He works incredibly hard and manages so many aspects of the business. He certainly drives us forward and has the vision of where we are going. I struggle to keep up with him sometimes!

In addition to this, we have successfully become agents of the majority of airlines operating in Cyprus which means we can offer our customers the most convenient and cost effective flight options for their pets.

9) Do you have any pets of your own? If so, what do you have?

There are many stray cats and dogs in Cyprus so it’s virtually impossible not to own pets when you live here!

We have two rescue dogs, Chloe (Malamute cross) and Bailey (Retriever x) who even after 5 years training, still believes he is in charge! We also have a gentle, ginger male cat, called Olly. He was found as a kitten having been shot in his leg and was every nearly a three legged cat but our vet managed to save it. Our last addition is a petite, black, female cat called Mavra. As a very young stray kitten, she made her way into our office and made herself at home. She would lay in front of our laptops while we were working, purring and rubbing her nose. How could we not take her home!

You can contact Krissy and Chris at Easypetexports.com

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