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Enki Pooch Dog Towels - literally tested in the field!

The Pebzz team took a few days out from the office this month to get some country air in the Peak District. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to test Enki Pooch Dog Towels with our product tester, Junior the Jack Russell, after a morning's hike!

Enki Pooch is a sibling company of Enki Towels one of the UK's leading manufacturers of eco-friendly, biodegradable towels and have been leading the way in sustainable eco products for over 2 years. Enki Pooch is their latest innovation, perfectly suited for all pets but geared towards man's best friend. Their unique disposable dog towel offers both luxury and affordability wrapped up in one little pack. They believe every home should own a pack of "Pooch" towels as their motto is simple "Leave Muddy Paws Outdoors"

The towels come in clear packaging with easy to understand instructions. They are made from natural plant fibers such as, aloe plant, cotton plant & bush plant and are completely biodegradable.......so can be recycled or added to compost. They are also chemical free so perfectly safe if chewed by your pooch.....something Junior loves to do when being toweled dry!

At 60cm x 100cm it's as big as bath towel so large enough to cover most dogs. There's 3 in a pack and at £4.99 with up to 5 uses or more per towel, it's very competitively priced. The ordering process couldn't be easier on line - free shipping with options via Amazon, with PayPal or by credit or debit card.

Although most of the time you would probably use the towel to dry off and clean directly after a walk, we put it to the full test - after a post country walk shower!

I must admit, I didn't see how this rather thin towel sheet could possibly dry a soaking wet Junior.......but it actually worked really well. Junior was dry just as quickly if we used a bath towel but without that wet, dog bath towel smell! The best thing about it was how quickly it dried.......ready to use the next day if needed, where a bath towel would take much longer to be fully dry.

So Enki Pooch passed the Junior test.....no easy task. Perfect for the back of the car for after a walk or when going on travels or holidays like camping. Pebzz highly recommends them.

We give Enki Pooch the following rating scale:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 4

Easy of use 5

Shipping time 4

Value for Money 5


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best

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