Double National Qualification For Maddy, Scoops and Rosie

April has been a very exciting month for the three of us, with two national qualifications and Rosie’s debut in eventing.

I competed Rosie in her first dressage test at a British Riding Club Combined Training early on in April, to get 63%. We then flew round the 75cm showjumping to get an easy clear and come 6th in a strong section.

After a new found love for dressage, I decided to enter Rosie into the Trailblazers Combined Training first round. We rode the hardest dressage test either of us have done to get 61% followed by a lovely clear around at 75cm showjumping, which put us into 2nd place and qualified us for the second rounds, which we competed in on the same day.

Although the second rounds hosted a tough field (including my instructor!) Rosie produced a stunning test for 67% and yet another clear round that secured us 2nd place again!

At the end of the month, Rosie and I also competed at our first 80cm one day event. Although we were both slightly tense in the dressage, we surprisingly got 65% which was second best in the whole section! Unfortunately 8flts in the showjumping and another 20flts in the x-country dropped us out of the placings - but we had an amazing time and I can’t wait to event her more.

On the other hand, Scoops and I had quite an interesting month. Early on we gained our second national qualification of the year and came 2nd in the 85cm Trailblazers second rounds. However, after I ruined the stride into a double in the 95cm, we struggled to regain our mojo for the rest of the month.

Our national competition was a bit of a train wreck, with a clear confidence loss for us both. However we pulled ourselves back up again after a couple of weekends of meltdowns and flew around the 80cm and 85cm clear at our last competition this month. Although this month has gone a few different ways than I would have hoped, I have learnt so, so much and can’t wait for the season ahead!

Thanks to my sponsors, Pebbz, for all their support.

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