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Why Social Media Management is important for your Pet Business

Social Media Marketing has boomed in the past decade and it is now unthinkable owning a business or launching a product without having a media presence.

But management of your Social Media on a daily basis can be laborious and unrewarding if you do not know how to do it right. Let Pebzz.com help you all the way, as we are the experts in the pet & animal industry. That is all we do, so we know what we are talking about. We can help you analyse your business, understand what you are trying to achieve and provide you with a proposal to achieve your goals.

Are you optimising your coverage on social media to 1) grow your business; 2) direct traffic to your site; 3) get your new brand known or 4) generate leads, if so, Pebzz.com can help you every step off the way. We know the animal & pet industry and can quickly help & guide you to get started.

Social Media Management can be time consuming and laborious if you do not have the right content, followers or time because you are busy managing the rest of your business. But get it right and your brand could benefit from quick growth and expansion overnight. So, why and how to do it:


Seek out new potential customers and talk directly to them, especially useful on Twitter.


Social media encourages sharing and directs people to your website.


Keep users up to date with your latest news and keep an eye on what competitors are doing.


You can reach new audiences, interact, with them and learn about them.

Channels to use when thinking about Social Media Management:


Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the Internet. As a diverse community, Facebook offers numerous avenues for marketing products and services. From widget installations, to group promotion, page creation & promotion, text & image ads and participation marketing, we can do it all on Facebook. Previous campaigns have shown that combining different promotion methods is much more effective than isolated approaches.


Twitter has been the fastest growing social networking service on the Internet and is being successfully used as a Business-to-Business marketing channel as consumers with a wide range of interests in different industries expand their use of it. Most of all though, Twitter is a communication channel which affects brand reputation, customer relations, public image and even product design and services. Value is based on real time information to both consumers and businesses, creating a free form feedback interaction channel.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks currently. The unique focus on high quality imagery presented by Instagram, offers multiple opportunities for marketing products and services. Our expertise is based on our knowledge on how to utilise every advertising opportunity in a cost-effective way for the best possible result for your business.

We can offer complete marketing services for Instagram. From producing high quality content such as images and tactical posting to interacting with Instagram users and influencers. We can design and implement a strategy that has real impact on your business.



We can offer packages from £250pcm for a basic package. For a quote on exactly what your business requires, please get in touch at info@pebzz.com

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