Did you know that it's National Insect Week?

National Insect Week 2018 was launched at RHS Garden Wisley on Monday.

Around 80% of all species on Earth are insects so they really are "the little things that run the world". The Royal Entomological Society's National Insect Week aims to celebrate that with hundreds of events across the country. On Monday the eighth, National Insect Week was launched at the Royal Horticultural Society's RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey.

Royal Entomological Society (RES) Chief Executive, Dr Luke Tilley said: "One of the most common places that people encounter insects in their lives is in the garden, so it is an excellent match and an honour to have the launch at RHS Wisley."

Award winning children's author M.G. Leonard explained why she decided to use beetles as the central theme of her bestselling Beetle Boy Trilogy. She said: "Our friends the insects are fascinating creatures, bursting with character, and essential to the survival of the human race. Why not fill your mind with miniature wonders by getting involved in National Insect Week? Discover the magnificent insect safari outside your own back door."

A highlight of the launch was the unveiling of Insect Isles, an artwork by illustrator Carim Nahaboo to celebrate the diversity and importance of the 24,000 insect species in the UK. The piece was unveiled to invited guests by RHS President Sir Nicholas Bacon, M.G. Leonard and RES Honorary Officer Prof Linda Field.

Carim Nahaboo said: "I wanted to highlight the diversity of insect life here in the British Isles and explain a little about why I have personally spent so long in awe of them. There are so many incredible species and it's only really when we take the time to look closer that we can appreciate them and see what important roles they play in our ecosystems."

Principal Entomologist at RHS Garden Wisley, Dr Andrew Salisbury said: "We're delighted to be kickstarting National insect Week at RHS Garden Wisley. Essential for a healthy plot we look forward to showcasing the wonders of a whole host of garden insects."

The eighth National Insect Week photography competition was launched on Monday. Between now and October, thousands of entries are expected from all over the world showing off some very photogenic insects.

Events, competitions, photos, videos and much more about National Insect Week can be found on the website http://www.nationalinsectweek.co.uk

This press release was published by Ben Coomer at Cision.com via graphnet.com

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