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Frozzys® - The Lickable, Lactose Free, Frozen Yogurt For Your Dog!

We first met the team from Frozzys® at PATS show, Sandown earlier this year.

Frozzys® was set up 4 years ago, based on an idea to develop a unique, first to market, treat for dogs that had healthy nutritious benefits and provided a perfect reward after a dogs daily exercise – particularly to cool them down.

As there has been a year on year increase in dog obesity, the team at Frozzys® developed the likeable frozen yogurt, as opposed to an ice-cream product. This is the perfect low calorie, low fat treat for dogs of all ages as it includes all the natural health benefits, such as calcium which supports healthy teeth & bones, which comes from its primary ingredient - milk.

Many dogs can be lactose intolerant so they have added an enzyme to remove the lactose to ensure the delicious likeable frozen yogurt is gentle on their digestive systems.

Frozzys® really have taken great pride in creating a healthy, nutritious treat, that is made with real food, for your dogs. It’s so human you could eat it yourself!

So what are the benefits for your dog when eating Frozzys®?

  • Rich in the essential vitamins & minerals that dogs need, to:

  • aid teeth and bone development

  • maintain a healthy skin and coat

  • aid digestive health and general well-being

  • support energy levels and immunity

  • Cooling and soothing – a healthy and refreshing treat after walks or training

  • Lactose free – gentle on a dogs sensitive digestive system

  • Low-calorie – assisting with healthy weight management

  • A tasty teething aid – can reduce swollen and inflamed gums, whilst offering something tasty for a puppy to chew on

Packaging and presentation

Frozzys® comes in an 85g pot, a suitable portion for your dog. There are 4 flavours - blueberry, cranberry, strawberry and original, you can buy them as a 4 pack or as single tubs. It's completely lickable from the tub or can be defrosted and poured over kibble, if preferred, to help those fussy eaters.

To find out more you can go onto the Frozzys® website which is easy to use and very informative. It includes a good search option to find stockists local to you....and there are plenty! We found 20 within 10 miles of our Pebzz postcode. You can also search using a drop down list of stores, for example Pets at Home

We paid £5.99 for a pack of four pots, which at just under £1.50 a pot is reasonably priced.

All in all, a great product which is a healthy, nutritious frozen yogurt wrapped with its fun bright and friendly packaging. I have also taken a shine to their brand ambassador Waffle - who is incredible cute. I am sure you will all agree!

The Taste Test!!

We tested Frozzys® on our in-house product tester, Junior the Jack Russel - he loves his food but he's quite particular about it. He does actually like yogurt type food and will often want to lick the pot when we've finished.

Now you could easily argue that dogs will eat any food...and this is true! So after the first try I did give him a choice between the Frozzys® yogurt and one we would eat. He did go for the Frozzys® one first and I could tell he really liked it.

So, in summary, I would recommend you try Frozzys® for yourself, its a perfect treat for your dog. Our tester loved them and I think yours will too!

Visit Frozzys® at www.frozzys.com for more information

We give Frozzys® the following rating scale:

Online order process n/a

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Taste 5

Shipping time n/a

Value for Money 4


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