CLAWS: Confessions of a Cat Groomer

Pebzz took time out to read and review the latest book from auther, Anita Kelsey.

Anita Kelsey is the only cat specific behaviourist in London, with a work-based degree in feline behaviour and psychology, as well as ample experience with cat behaviour and grooming. Throughout her years of visiting people’s homes, she has amassed a wealth of adorable and ridiculous stories about her feline clients, and their owners.

In Claws, the first ever behind the scenes cat grooming true stories, Anita picks out some of her favourite anecdotes, from Lucky, the now famous cat who was lost on London Underground for 4 days to Star (below), a Barnet cat who received an Asbo and ended up in the news. The collection of twenty short stories and images provides a unique account of a professional cat groomer and behaviour specialist.

Anita says, “Despite being choked with fur, bitten, scratched, driven to distraction and moved to tears on an almost daily basis, I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. I hope you enjoy my confessions. Incidentally, no cats were harmed in the making of this book - only me!”

After completing the book Claws: Confessions of a Professional Cat groomer, Saytou from Pebzz wrote:

"I have come to the conclusion that life as a cat groomer is not as easy as it seems. While reading the book, you are taken on a journey with Anita Kelsey as she reminiscences on 20 memories from her past experiences. Throughout the novel we get the privilege of meeting the sassy cats and their owners behind these stories. Anita recalls her experiences in a writing style that is easy to read and humorous while also being very informative. The book allows you to escape from your own world and to delve into Anita’s crazy life as she 'battles' with felines on a day to day basis. Each of the stories written is concluded with useful tips, which can be used to help understand feline behaviour exhibited in the stories for both cat owners and for those who work with cats.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a read that makes them laugh out loud and I believe it is an essential book for cat lovers to own."

About the author: Anita Kelsey is one of a small group of holistic low-stress cat groomers in the UK, taking cat grooming to the next level. The only cat groomer in the UK who also holds a degree in cat behaviour, she also writes for Your CatMagazine, and the Cats Protection magazine. Anita lives in West London with her fur-covered husband, and two Norwegian Forest cats Kiki and Zaza.

‘Laugh out loud funny. Definitely a book for book lovers’ - Your Cat magazine

‘Great little snapshots into the ordinary lives of the average cat owning Great British Public!’ – Amazon reviewer

‘Hilarious’ – Love Sunday magazine

Published on the 7th September 2017 as Hardback | £12.99

This press release, with the exception of the Pebzz book review, was published by Ellis Keene at Bonnier Publishing.

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