Subscription Boxes - would you buy one for your pets?

Nearly one fifth of Brits have now signed up to subscription boxes that deliver a host of different goodies direct to our doors, according to new research by uOpen, the UK’s first online subscription box marketplace.

The survey reveals that 19 per cent - more than 12 million of us - have signed up for subscription boxes in the last six months as the British public increasingly move away from the High Street. Less than 1 per cent of us had a subscription back in 2014, proving it is one of the fastest-growing retail trends in the UK right now.

It showed that men are spending a lot more than women on subscription boxes, across all categories such as arts and crafts to food and drink. However in the Pet & Animal sector men are outspending women by a quarter, £63.10 and £47.01 respectively (mean monthly average) on boxes such as Perfect Pawtrait Club.

In fact Compared with other sectors, 14.25% of Brits are spending £54.12 a month on Pet & Animal subscription boxes – that’s £506 million a year.

Intriguingly, by volume there are more Geordies in the North East subscribed to Pet & Animal boxes compared with any other UK city. However it’s Liverpool that has the biggest spenders. When looking at the highest value Pet & Animal subscribers 11% of Liverpudlians are spending £300 a month or more.

The rise is being down to an increased need for more physical things in an increasingly digital world particularly among younger people. Indeed, Millennials (25 – 34-year olds) are the age group that spends the most, £61.61 compared with over 55s spending just £19.85 (mean monthly average).

More than a quarter (26%) said they buy subscription boxes as a treat, almost two thirds (63%) said it was because they loved receiving a surprise package in the post - and more than half the population (57.8%) say it’s because they hate it when they only receive bills in the post.

Carola York, Managing Director at uOpen said: “We might be living in a digital and technologically advanced era, but we still love the surprise and delight moments that a subscription box gives. In our increasingly busy world, a subscription box allows you to treat yourself or give a great gift to someone else. There’s a box for every taste whether you are a pet lover or a music aficionado, and now you can now shop for all these fantastic boxes in the one place.” launched on Monday 11th June 2018 and is a one-stop marketplace for shoppers to browse, compare and sign up for subscription boxes.

This press release was published by Victoria Dove, freelance PR

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