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The Boy From The Wild: Spellbinding Autobiography Captures Author’s “Magical” Upbringing on African Safari Reserve

Written from the life, experiences and bold wisdom of Peter Meyer, ‘The Boy From The Wild’ takes readers on an uplifting adventure as the author grows up in the wilds of an African Safari Reserve, living fearlessly among nature with his father as his guide. It’s a story of an upbringing in a real-world ‘Jurassic Park’ that stirs readers’ emotions as Meyer loses his father and embarks on a new career under the spotlight. Ultimately, Meyer’s life story is one of unshakable courage, vigour and dedication to the preservation of humanity’s greatest gift – the animals and wildlife everyone lives alongside.


Peter Meyer


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United Kingdom – While millions now know Peter Meyer for his roles in Hollywood films and commercials for some of the world’s biggest and most influential brands, what most don’t know is his unconventional, soul-testing upbringing on a Game Reserve in South Africa living amongst wild animals where he survived death on multiple occasions before he was even 8yrs old. From Snake Bites to Rhino attacks, the book is nail biting, comic, brutally emotional and utterly unbelievable.

That early life story and his rise to fame are now chronicled in ‘The Boy From The Wild’. It’s an autobiography that’s impossible to pigeon hole – on one hand existing as a fierce testament to the fragility of wildlife and its shrinking habitats, while on the other a perfect example of a father-son bond that’s impossible to break, even beyond life itself.

The book is also currently under production for a documentary due to be released in the coming months of 2018 and has had discussions for a feature film to be made. The book was urged on by worldwide icon Liam Neeson, who told Peter on the set of The Commuter “Go for it, who else has a story like that”.


An Incredible and Inspiring true story about the Adventures of a Boy growing up on a Wild Safari in South Africa. Peter Meyer's idyllic childhood was spent running wild in the bush with Zulu friends and Wild Animals. His adventures in the wilderness honed his character, nurtured by an inspirational father who taught him to believe that everything is possible. Before he had turned eight he had survived Rhino attacks, close encounters with Buffalo and Wildebeest — and the terror of twice being bitten by snakes. His pets were a baby Elephant, Warthogs and an Ostrich that frequented his backyard. He lived in a world where beauty was tempered by daily struggles for survival. He discovered that the reality of the bush is often heart-breaking, such as when an Nyala doe that he had hand-reared was taken by predators. He learned through first-hand experience that the cycle of life on Africa’s feral outbacks can be as unforgiving as it is magnificent. These were the key lessons from the wilds of Africa that he took with him when his family left the continent; from school days in England where his tough upbringing resulted in being a top sportsman, to studying at an exclusive Swiss hotel school and becoming one of the youngest directors in the Hilton group, managing exotic resorts in Jamaica and the Middle East. He was on top of the world when everything came crashing down due to tragedy. Drawing on resilience learned in the African bush, he started to rebuild his life, becoming an actor and model, clawing his way up in one of the most critically demanding industries in the world. This is an inspiring true story of living the dream — a dream nurtured by the freedom and self-reliance of growing up wild in Africa.


“It’s clear from the book that my father and I not only shared a deep and unconditional love for Africa and all that roam it, but also for each other,” explains the author, who was recently appointed Ambassador of IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals). “What ultimately rises to the top of this narrative is how my father dedicated his entire life to his passion for preserving animals and their natural habitats and, upon his untimely passing, how I took his spirit into my life to pursue my own boundless passion for the arts. We all have that determination for something – and nobody should be denied chasing it.”

Continuing, “Nobody else I’ve ever met had the beauty and opportunity of spending their childhood in a 1,000-hectare African reserve. It was a playground that taught me many harsh realities about life. I saw how animals are required to rapidly adjust to new environments and ways of living, and how they look up to and listen to the generations before them for guidance on how to live – especially in the shadow of a human race so intent on poaching. I suppose I took my cues from these animals, and decided to put many other lucrative opportunities on hold to answer my calling in the world of acting.”

To date, the book has been received with Worldwide critical acclaim. For example, Mike comments, “What an inspiring book! For a reader like me, who loves Africa, its unique atmosphere, its people, its wildlife, its dangers and its rewards, Peter writes with empathy and real sense of excitement. But 'The Boy from the Wild' will have universal appeal. There is tragedy too, great sadnesses involving animals, though greatest of all the loss of an adored father, and one from whom every dad would do well to learn. But love shines through - love for this wonderful continent and love for family and friends.”

Another reader adds, “As an adult this author has looked back at his life and is grateful. He has appreciation for the unorthodox childhood he had with amazing parents and time as a wild child of Africa as well as a structured time in English boarding schools. His father was his number one hero but he had several other mentors along the way. From amazing childhood he went on to live an unusual life which he also shared highlights. An incredible saga from a grateful man.”

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ISBN-10: 1979753598

ISBN-13: 978-1979753593

About the Author:

Peter Meyer was born on 28th October 1983 in Durban, South Africa. Peter grew up in South Africa on an incredible Safari Reserve running wild with Zulus and Wild Animals. His father, who had an amazing dream to bring something new to the word, set up this reserve. Before the age of 8 Peter had survived snake bite(s), Rhino attacks, buffalo charges and much more. The adventures he lived were like no other, from learning to swim in rivers, to riding elephants, to walking among the wild and facing dangerous encounters. His pets were a baby Elephant, Warthogs, a loving Ostrich and other free spirits. At the age of 6 Peter was sent to boarding school. At the age of 10 he moved to boarding school in the UK and there would excel at sports being a 1st Team player of all sports and a record breaking swimmer. He would fly back to South Africa for holidays until he was 16 when it was his last visit for another 16 yrs. Having being born into the African wilderness the Reserve had a luxury Hotel, so naturally Peter was accustomed to the trade and ended up studying for 3 years at Les Roches University in Switzerland, arguably one of the best hotel schools in the world. There he excelled and graduated to enter the world of Hotels. Peter lived and worked all around the world in countries like the UK, USA, Jamaica, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. 5 years was spent with Hilton hotels where he became one of the youngest directors at the age of 26. Peter was a senior Director at corporate level looking after multiple hotels worldwide for other companies such as Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, JA Hotels and YTL Hotels. In 2014 at the age of 30 Peter sadly lost his father to cancer, where he was there by his side. His father was his hero and best friend. Struggling to focus on the Hotel world he found himself presented with an opportunity in Acting and Modelling. Taking the opportunity by the horns Peter has worked his way up in 2 years to acting in feature films including Hollywood productions along side A-Lists Actors such as Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard in Allied, Liam Neeson in The Commuter and The Transformers The Last Knight all as an extra. He had his first lead-role playing Lee Reynolds in Guide to Get Lucky in 2015. He has had supporting roles in other British Independent films too. He has been involved in commercials representing brands such as BMW, Ford, Argos, Burberry, Oracle and Deutsche Bank. Some of his Modeling has been with brands such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, GANT & Tommy Hilfiger through El Corte Ingles in Spain and Jacamo & Ben Sherman in the UK. Today, Peter is now the author of The Boy From the Wild, written by International Bestselling Author Graham Spence. It’s a true story of his life in the wild of Africa.


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