Maddy, Scoops and Rosie Compete at Trailblazers Championships

Trailblazers Championships 2018 was a great experience for me and the horses.

Day 1 was a disappointing day as both horses were quite tense having never been to a competition together before. This led to a distracted dressage test in the Novice Combined Training for Rosie, which was unfortunate as she has come on in leaps and bounds with her confidence recently.

However she then flew clear around the 75cm showjumping in the main ring next to all the trade stands and spectators without hesitation!

Scoops however was really not happy about jumping in the main ring in his 85cm First Round. A combination of him wanting to be back with Rosie, spooking at the spectators at the ring side and me being tense lead to a completely undeserved elimination but that’s the way it has to be sometimes!

Day 2 was without question 100% better than Day 1. Rosie went into her dressage test much calmer with only a couple of disagreements along the way. However the judge really wasn’t a fan of how she moved and marked her very critically. As a result of this we have decided to have some serious dressage lessons, as her potential is definitely there but it’s just not shining through quite yet. She was then very bold in the showjumping round but just glanced off a double which had been causing so many problems all day! I’m still over the moon with her as it’s the biggest atmosphere she’s ever had to deal with and she’s only been competing for 8 months.

However the star of Day 2 has to be Scoops. After a very tense warmup we went into the 85cm Second Round just to get round and have some fun. However he flew round giving all the fences plenty of room to be one of only 15 clears in a class of 50. He then jumped a classy clear jump off (one of only 4!) to come 3rd in a class of adults!

So, that’s my Trailblazers experience over for another year. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, told myself off a few times and had a lot of fun. Although it’s been stressful at times I can’t wait for next year, hopefully it’ll be much less hectic and Scoops will realise that he doesn’t need to give the fences a foot of room.

Proudly sponsored by Pebzz, who gave me the most beautiful saddle pad and gilet for me and my horses to wear.


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