Maddy, Scoops and Rosie end the season on a high

The last two months have been so much fun for me and the horses. As summer was heading to a close, we decided to cross as many things off our bucket list as possible.

For Rosie, we competed at the biggest event she has ever gone to. The Pony Club Regional Championships at Eland Lodge saw 25 teams and 30 competitors in each of the four sections - meaning there were around 120 competitors in the class. Rosie was an absolute star from the beginning. She produced her nicest and most relaxed test yet for a 35 (65%). We then pulled off the most stunning showjumping round, Rosie cleared all the fences by 10cm and finished the course with a well deserved clear.

After the showjumping came the cross country, the phase I’m the most scared off, but Rosie completely ate up the big, technical track to get our first double clear inside the time at an event! To top it all off we came an astonishing 8th in our section and team 5th! I’m beyond proud of this little horse, especially considering that only a few events ago we were getting eliminated.

After Rosie’s amazing performance we decided to let scoops into the limelight. On the 2nd September we went to our first affiliated BSJA competition at Weston Lawns Equitation. As we are currently not members of BSJA we had to compete on a ticket, which means you can compete in the class but you can’t place and claim prize money. Scoops was a little hesitant in the 95cm as he hadn’t been competing in about a month and was wondering why Rosie suddenly wasn’t with him! So I just had to push him on and let him go at his own pace which resulted in a few poles. However in the massive 100cm (the biggest we’ve ever done!) Scoops pulled out the most beautiful clear round and gave all the fences plenty of room, to prove to me that he was just being silly in the first class!

This weekend Rosie is coming back out again after a couple of months off and is competing in a mini event at my local riding club. Scoops is then jumping at a Pony Club competition the day after.

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