A Mixed Few Weeks for Maddy, Scoops and Rosie

October and November have been mixed months for me. I started with some successes: Rosie won her 80-90cm ODE on a 73.5% dressage and a double clear, then Scoops won his 100cm class at a Pony Club competition the day after!

The next weekend I took Rosie to her first pure showjumping competition since the summer at Weston Lawns and her inexperience in this phase showed. She was a little sticky in the first round which lead to a pole, but after stepping up our game Rosie did a lovely round in the 85cm to go clear and come 2nd! We took Rosie out to a competition a couple of weekends after for our first try at pure dressage. Although we’ve competed at competitions where showjumping and dressage are combined, we’ve never had a go at dressage on its own. Unfortunately the pressure just got to our heads and we didn’t perform our best.

The next day I took Scoops out showjumping as he hadn’t been out in a while. Despite jumping brilliantly around the first half of a massive 95cm class, we messed up coming up to line of fences where we have had some trouble before and I didn’t commit properly so we ended up retiring. We also found some tension in his back when he was checked over which may have been causing us some problems for a short while. My next competition is an arena event on Rosie, which is a course of showjumps followed by a set of cross country fences.

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