Dog & Pet Grooming Most In Demand Business In UK

The UKs leading local services marketplace, has analysed data from more than 400,000 British businesses and three million job requests to reveal which businesses will be the most successful to start in 2019, based on supply and demand.

Dog and pet grooming tops the list, with only 20% of job requests finding a professional on average across the country, with dog training coming second with a 33% response rate.

Data has been collected and analysed from job request data over the past year to determine which job sectors are over serviced, which need more supply. hopes the data list will be useful for members of the public who would like to start their own business in 2019, by giving insight into which business sectors need more service professionals. has also created a list that details the underserviced sectors in the UK’s major cities, the sectors that are currently being over serviced and should be avoided, along with the average salaries that can be made for all sectors: co-founder, Kai Feller said,

“We wanted to create something useful for the public with our insight and data, and a list of the sectors that need more professionals was an obvious choice for us, considering what we do. The pet market is huge in the UK, we’re a real nation of dog lovers, so I’m not surprised there’s an abundance of customers in the space, however there is obviously a shortage of professionals.

“I hope this list helps advise those who have been deliberating on whether to start their own business and encourage more entrepreneurial spirit. Being self-employed and a sole trader has some amazing benefits, but it can be a big risk to take. I think the list encompasses enough sectors where most people will be able to read it and think ‘yes, I could do that’. Hopefully next year we’ll see an even bigger rise in small businesses!”

This press release was published by Lydia Bryant, at RadioactivePR

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