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Doggy Bag - award winning towel literally tested in the field!

The Pebzz team took some time out in the Oxfordshire countryside over xmas. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to test the award winning Doggy Bag with our product tester, Junior the Jack Russell, after a morning's hike!

It's the material that does it. Doggy Bag is a revolutionary super-absorbent fabric with a friction. It absorbs ten times more water than a regular towel. Plus it peels off mud, sand and dirt and traps it in the bag. Doggy Bag keeps the mud and the mess contained!


And because the material dries out faster than regular cotton towels, it doesn’t smell of damp dog, so there’s no need to machine-wash it every time. Nine times out of ten, you’ll just need to give it a shake clean outside before you use it again.

No more wet stinky towels, and a lot less doggy laundry.

The Doggy Bag is available in five sizes from XS (tiny terrier) to XL (great Dane).

  • Dries and cleans your wet muddy dog in seconds!

  • Use it in the back of a car after a dirty walk

  • Peels off the mud and traps it in the bag

  • Super absorbent! 2 minutes in the bag & a good rub is all it takes

  • Use after a bath or shower

  • Dries out quickly and needs less washing

  • Shakes out clean and machine washable if needed

  • Available in 5 sizes

  • No more wet stinky towels!

The online ordering process is very easy, with payments made securely by debit or credit card.

The bags retail for between £49 and £89, depending on the size ordered, and shipping to mainland UK is free.

Although most of the time you would probably use the towel to dry off and clean directly after a walk, we put it to the full test - after a post country walk shower!

The Doggy Bag did a really great job! Junior was dry just as quickly as if we had used a bath towel but without that wet, dog bath towel smell and without everyone and everything getting wet! Junior also likes a friendly fight with a bath towel, so zipping him up in the Doggy Bag helps keep him still!

The best thing about it was how quickly it dried......just turn it inside out and shake it out first if you haven't used the shower for a washdown. If you have given your dog a shower first then I would let your dog have a good shake first, for maximum effect of the Doggy Bag.

So Doggy Bag passed the Junior test.....no easy task. Perfect for the back of the car for after a walk, when going on travels or holidays like camping or after a doggy shower at home. Pebzz highly recommends them.

We give Doggy Bag the following rating scale:

Online order process 5

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Easy of use 5

Shipping time 4

Value for Money 3


Rating Scale:

0 - Worst

1 - Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 - Best



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