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Pedaldish - as seen on Dragon's Den

Petvictus design, make and manufacture innovative pet products in the UK; As pet owners, they make the sort of products you just can't find anywhere else and they believe that with the right products, a pet and pet owner's life can become more enjoyable, fun and carefree.

How much wasted pet food do you throw away each week - Pedaldish keeps food covered after serving, stopping flies and airborne microbes reaching your pets food, which helps keep biscuits crunchy or meat moist.

The lid opens when a pet steps onto the ramp and closes as they move away; no electronics, sensors or motors and best of all, no batteries to replace. You can even use Pedaldish outdoors as it won't be damaged by the rain. Pedaldish comes with a deep bowl inside which is ideal for serving larger quantities of food, and a raised, shallow bowl suitable for a single meal. In very hot weather you can place ice cubes in the deep bowl to keep meat in the shallow bowl cool, you can also place your own pet bowl inside (maximum diameter of 12.5cms/5 inches). Some pets will take to Pedaldish immediately, If you have a more nervous pet, Pedaldish comes with a training wedge which you can use to hold the lid fully or half open as your pet gets use to coming and going for food. Includes a training guide full of tips. If kept clean, Pedaldish can provide a pet with a lifetime of stress free feeding and a pet owner with years of savings from wasted food.

Pedaldish is suitable for small dogs and cats weighing over 2 kilograms. To keep the clear parts crystal clear they should be hand-washed.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 13.2 x 18.2 x 31.2cm

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