Maddy Back In The Saddle With Scoops and Rosie

At the end of December I got back to competing Rosie after a slow month, and I’m now looking forward to mine and Scoops’ first competition since November which will hopefully take place next in early February

At Vale View on 29th December Rosie was a super star, doing a lovely double clear in the 85cm for 2nd which qualified us for the Trailblazers 2nd rounds, and just had a pole down in the 95cm! It was the biggest course she’d ever competed in so there were lots of smiles and treats!

Everything then went quiet again for the next couple of weeks until we headed to Onley on 20th January, where Rosie seemed to have lost her brave pants in the 80cm. However after pulling ourselves together we did a lovely round in the 90cm to just roll one pole

Unfortunately I was meant to get out competing with Scoops in late January, but the freezing conditions have caused the venue to postpone. However we’re heading to an instructed clear round this in February (which is where you jump a course, someone tells you what you need to do to improve, then you jump it again) to make up for not going out competing much in January! We’re looking onwards and upwards to the BRC winter qualifiers in a couple of weeks where I am jumping Scoops in the 100cm and my mum is jumping Rosie in the 80cm!

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