How Reiki Can Help Your Pet As Well As You!

Reiki calm for pets

Reiki is a long-established, gentle pathway to healing and what makes it extra-special is that we can share its calming properties with our pets.

Over 20-years-ago, when Rob Fellows was battling with lower back pain, he discovered Reiki. He was amazed how it eased away his pain, giving him much needed relief. At the time Joe, Rob’s Springer Spaniel, was suffering with arthritis and Rob thought that, as the Reiki had helped with his back, Reiki could probably help ease his dog’s discomfort and mobility problems and, at the same time, complement the prescribed medication.

Right away, Rob decided to find out how to become a practitioner himself, which he did in 1999.

Reiki… at everyone’s fingertips

Since 2008, Rob has been an international Reiki Master Teacher helping others to understand the power of Reiki and support their learning to become practitioners too.

How does Reiki work? It is a simple, gentle, hands-on healing therapy which helps people and animals by encouraging the body’s natural self-healing powers. Concentrated on the area of discomfort, Reiki helps restore the body’s physical and emotional balance leaving the receiver calm and relaxed.

“As a practitioner it’s wonderful to see an animal react to the calming effects of Reiki,” says Rob. “Often, they fall asleep during a session which is reassuring. And for me, it’s also hugely rewarding to be able to attune and coach others into becoming Reiki practitioners. When I’m speaking to the media or conducting a seminar, I always make a point of saying that anyone who wants to give Reiki a go… can do it! Your hands are the only tools you need and everyone has the natural in-built ability to give Reiki. It just needs to be released, as it was for me back in 1999.”

How to share Reiki with pets

Becoming attuned to practice Reiki is simply achieved under the direction of a Reiki Master, like Rob. After that, the ability to give hands-on Reiki can begin and it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

To help those who want to want to take-up Reiki to help their pet, Rob has developed a range of options which include a live one-day course or, if preferred, an easy home-study course with Rob as study-buddy. On completion, everyone receives a qualification to give hands-on Reiki to people including themselves as well as their pets.

Pampering pets with kindness

Being able to bring the natural healing of Reiki to our pets is a way of reaching out to them with extra kindness and care. Its hands-on qualities create a closer bond with our pets and must be the ultimate in pampering. And it’s all at our fingertips!


International Reiki Master Teacher Rob Fellows offers live one-day or quick and easy home study courses for pet lovers including Reiki for Dogs, Reiki for Cats, Reiki for Horses, Reiki for Dog Groomers and Reiki Animal Healer .... which anyone can do no matter where they live in the world.

Every course gives the student a Reiki qualification and the necessary skills to give hands-on Reiki to people including themselves as well as their pets.

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