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Digital Marketing - How It Can Help You!

Let’s start by looking at an example of a company that has benefited from going digital, what digital marketing is all about and the key benefits associated with it.

Sarah is really passionate about using technology to improve her knowledge of animal care. She began this passion at university, where she studied Zoology geared towards Biomedical studies and also starting tracking pet movements, heart rate, sleep patterns and the diets of animals.

Sarah is now following her passion and has set up her own Pet Healthcare company to create diet and exercise plans, helping owners take better care of their pets.

By managing intake online and speaking to owners and their vets digitally, rather than having to physically visit them for advice, Sarah is much more productive and efficient with her time. She brings technological changes to the pet industry and, therefore, to pet owners alike by introducing digitally based methods, such as the connectivity of devices for online monitoring and control, the benefits derived from digital marketing and the use of apps.

A simple example would be tracking a pet's activities online, whilst also monitoring their calorie intake via digital applications, to create and maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The six key benefits of digital marketing are:

  • Allows engagement with customers in real-time, e.g. via twitter

  • Enables global reach

  • Brands can further develop themselves and build relationships with clients

  • Messages can be accessed over multiple channels and devices

  • Cheaper than traditional marketing

  • Creates a level playing field for companies to compete, no matter what size or budget

Would you prefer receiving or using digital marketing over traditional marketing? Let us know in the comments what you see as the benefits of digital marketing.

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