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Simple Starter Tips To Improve Your Website Rankings

Getting your website seen is crucial for your business. Check out our tips below to help improve the visibility of your site:

Carry out keyword research and include them on your website

One of the ways to make sure that you are at the top of the search page results in terms of ranking is to carry out keyword research. What we mean by keyword research is, for example, that when you type in the word 'pet food', Pets at Home, as a website, have anticipated these are the words that you would be looking for in Google.

But also Google, in its algorithm, has anticipated that this is what you will be searching for too. So it is important to probably explain what an algorithm is. An algorithm is what basically Google lives and breathes on. It is a mathematical formula that takes into consideration many factors such as keywords, links, et cetera.

So, to be found on Google, you need your keywords to be visible on your web page - like pet food, pet shampoo, dog cage in the example of Pets at Home.

Have a unique title for each page

Another key factor that contributes to a high ranking on the Google results page is ensuring that you have a unique title on every page of your site.

Create new content accessible from other sites

To help improve your rankings make sure you create regular, new content and provide links and tags to other sites. Google is looking for credible connections between sites to improve their rankings. Content can be provided by others but always give credit and link the author.

Have a clean and simple site structure

Another tip is to ensure that when you're developing your website you have a very clean site map or site structure. This is essentially how your website will flow in terms of links from one page to another.

Ensure your site has an SEO friendly URL

It is also very important that you have what is known as an SEO friendly URL. An SEO friendly URL, in simple terms, is basically having a very clean, short URL that users can type in that will allow you to get to the page quite quickly and easily. URL stands for Universal Resource Locator - it's just the address you type in to find a web page, like www.google.com

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