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The 5 Aims Of Digital Marketing

There are some main aims that you should keep in mind when developing a digital marketing campaign

The first aim - Ensure you're reaching out to the right people at the right time and delivering the right message

For example, when you are logged onto Facebook and you realise that the banner adverts you see are are based on things that you have been searching for online! Companies collect information based on what you like and dislike and then start targeting personalised adverts towards you so that you respond more favourably.

The second aim - Engage your audience

Brands can use online campaigns to get people engaged in talking about their products. The easiest way to get people talking about your product is to make it visible - that is key, followed by what message you want to present and how you want that message put across.

The third aim - Motivate your users to take action

So you need to actual get people to do something with the brand or product being advertised. This involves a campaign where you use a 'call to action' button. A call to action is a message that encourages your audience to act immediately. The call to action can involve, for example, a post or a video selfie on Instagram or Twitter with relevant hashtags. By doing this, you are really able to create a buzz and get fans engaged and interacting.

The fourth aim - Spend efficiently

This can be a tough lesson to learn as the lure to 'spend big' to get a big return is great! Think about how your brand can spend less but still reach out to a great number of people.

The final aim is really simple - Create a return on your investment

What we mean by this is increasing the money you make as a percentage of the money initially invested through your marketing campaign.

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