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A Happier Bathtime For Your Dogs And Cats - From Pethroom

A happy bath will become part of your daily life - with the new, award winning 'Relax Shower' from Pethroom

We first met the team behind 'Relax Shower' at PATS show, Telford, last month. Pethroom are a premium pet supplies retailer, launched in the UK in March this year, providing new-to-market, high-end dog & cat supplies. Their inspiring products include pet bathing accessories, outdoor activity supplies and much more luxury for your pets. They pride themselves in always doing their best to bring you and our four-pawed friends the most healthy and finest of products at great value.

PETHROOM is a compound word of ‘Pet’ and ‘Bathroom’ - and is a bathroom experience brand of pets and pet owner’s companionship. PETHROOM aims to make the bath time itself enjoyable to our four-legged friends.

Pebzz carried out testing of 'Relax Shower', with our in-house product reviewer, Junior, after a nice wet, autumn walk.

Pethroom 'Relax Shower' is a showerhead for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats have sensitive hearing and can hear four times farther away than humans can. They get stressed with the noise created from a regular showerhead, about as loud as a train - THIS is why your pets can be anxious to take a bath. So they tried to figure out a way to help our pets to get over their fear of water. It took four years to develop the 'Relax Shower', they have 7 worldwide patent certificates from the USA, EU, Japan, Korea and China......and the product has been tested 3,000 times in the manufacturing process!

It really does work and is as good as they say it is! It's a lot quieter than a normal shower head for sure.....Junior seemed more relaxed in the shower.

The water flows in a more direct stream than a normal, non-adjustable, shower head.

It's a lot easier to wash your pet too, as you no longer need to wet with the shower then wash with your hand.........once the shampoo is on your pet then 'Relax Shower' washes and rinses, whilst you can use your other hand to stabalise and reassure your pet.

The shower head protrusion massages the skin and brushes the fur as you wash....something which Junior loves!

And the best feature is the most simple one - although water pressure is controlled at the shower tap, 'Relax Shower' can be turned off and on with an easy-to-use switch.......so no more water spraying everywhere or trying to manouver to turn the water off between rinses!

Relax Shower features:

Washing and Brushing at the same time

The Relax Shower offers a uniquely designed protrusion that massages the pet as they are washed. It removes dead hair and all shampoo residue when showering. The average pH value of a pet’s skin is in the alkaline range which means it’s vulnerable to germs and skin disorders. Shampoo residue left in his/her fur is a common cause of skin irritation and eczema, so it is very important to rinse your pet carefully and fully. Therefore, it’s important to rinse well and ensure that all shampoo residue is removed because any soap left in the fur can irritate your pet’s skin.

Less Noise & Low water pressure

Dogs and cats have sensitive hearing and can hear things that human can’t. The yellow silicon cover cap is uniquely designed to minimise the noise and pressure which helps to relieve noise anxiety and enjoy a relaxing bath.

No Water Splashing

The round yellow silicon cover cap is designed to prevent water from splashing into the pet’s eyes and ears (It conserves water as the round cap can be fitted back and forth to prevent water splashing all over). Water splashing in the ears may cause otitis media or ENT disorders. Especially, golden retrievers are prone to ear infections since they love the water so much. If it gets worse, it will lead to chronic infections.

No Flipping Head

Simply push the lever for water to flow, perfect for keeping control - no need to keep turning your taps on & off mid washing. The head never flips even when the water is constantly flowing.

You can also become a pet groomer specialist with the Relax Shower - Cindy Gadre, owner of Snuggles Dog Grooming, gives this professional endorsement:

"Recently, I had the opportunity to use PETHROOM's showerhead. Following several positive trials on different pets, I recommend the showerhead. Having used other showerheads over the years, I can truly say the PETHROOM's showerhead is the best showerhead I have had the experience of using. There is no doubt it will be popular with groomers and pet owners and will easily beat other competitors, hands down. The PETHROOM showerhead offers several useful benefits for pets, and I can attest that these benefits are genuine. The showerhead offers a protrusion that massages the pet as they are washed. It also removes the pet’s dead hair and all shampoo when showering, and it’s designed to prevent water from splashing into the pet’s eyes and ears. PETHROOM's showerhead is also environmentally friendly. It conserves water as the round cap can be fitted back and forth to prevent water splashing all over. Further, the showerhead I previously used and others in the market have a limited lifespan for 3 months, but PETHROOM guarantees its showerhead for 6 months. This is a good maximum durability time as well as being cost-effective. I am more than happy to recommend this product to other groomers in the UK. Finally, the PETHROOM showerhead fulfils the expectations of groomers. Therefore, considering the information and insight I have gathered, I can highly recommend PETHROOM showerhead as an excellent product."

Available online at Pethroom and online vendors for £29.

Please beware of imitations and counterfeit products

Please visit our website at www.pethroom.co.uk to see our main products as listed below:

1. Relax Shower (showerhead) : nominated as PATS Telford 2019 Pet Product of the Year Finalists

2. Sponge Towel (drying towel)

3. Dust Free Bentonite (cat bentonite clay)

We give Relax Shower the following rating scale:

Online order process 4

Item as described 5

Quality 5

Practicality/Usefulness 5

Shipping time 4

Value for Money 5


Rating Scale:

0 – Worst

1 – Poor

2 – Below Average

3 – Average

4 – Above Average

5 – Excellant

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