Orangutan Caring Week starts on 11th November.....but who cares?

Orangutan Caring Week is Nov. 10-16 and this year's theme is Respecting the Rights of Critically Endangered Species

It is a worldwide event held annually every November which began as Orangutan “Awareness” Week in 1995, but it soon became apparent that just being aware of the plight of orangutans was not enough. People needed to care and care enough to be moved to action to save these incredible red-haired apes and their rainforest homes.

Respecting the Rights of Critically Endangered Species Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and I do - maybe even more so. It is imperative that we respect the rights of critically endangered species and their right to safe, thriving habitats unbothered by human encroachment and interference. The clear fact is that we must prioritize the preservation of rainforests and important species like orangutans for our own survival, but should the survival of man be the primary motivating factor to save them? Don't orangutans deserve the right to exist and survive on their own merits? Of course, they do!

Orangutans are intelligent, sentient beings that have lived in perfect harmony with nature for millions of years yet, due to human activity, their populations have declined by more than half over the past 60 years, and their habitat has been reduced by at least 55% over just the past 20 years.

We need nature for our very existence and only by saving nature do we save ourselves yet, we continue to destroy critical rainforest habitat and push hundreds of species ever closer to extinction. Rainforests and related ecosystems provide important services from the air we breathe, to climate moderation, to water quality and erosion control, to existing as storehouses of genetic and ecological biodiversity. Rainforests need to be sustainably managed to maintain these life-giving services.

Why care about orangutans?

By saving orangutans, we save ourselves and our planet. If we can protect and save this closest of evolutionary cousins of ours and protect their rainforest homes, it would mean we are making the necessary changes to possibly protect all life on earth.

Orangutans are critically endangered and may be the first great ape to go extinct. They share 97% of our DNA and, as one of our closest relatives, it is our responsibility to protect these intelligent, gentle apes. With each passing species, the Earth becomes a little less whole. A world without orangutans will lose much of its soul.

"It can be difficult sometimes for people to see the similarities between humans and orangutans," says Leif Cocks, Founder of The Orangutan Project. "I've spent the majority of my life with these great apes and witnessed their humanity many times. Orangutans have cognitive thoughts and have as much humanity as you or me, sometimes more so. They have some of the most beautiful souls you'll ever come across."

So, who cares?

Well, there are dozens of hardworking, dedicated organizations, conservation groups, rescue and rehabilitation centers all working to save these incredible great apes. Gary Shapiro, President of Orang Utan Republik Foundation expressed that, “Respecting the rights of orangutans to co-exist with humans is essential if we are to save them for the long term. While orangutans are unable to speak out to defend themselves, orangutan advocacy groups will continue to give voice to orangutans and their rights as critically endangered species and as individual sentient beings."

We cannot all have boots on the ground, but we can fully support those who do whether financially or with our time and efforts. Many of these groups, along with zoos and animal facilities worldwide, as well as individuals, will be participating in Orangutan Caring Week with special social media campaigns, awareness and fundraising events using this as a perfect opportunity to spread awareness about the plight of orangutans and the urgent dangers facing their rainforest homes with the goal of motivating people to care – and to care enough to be moved to action. If ever there was a time to care, that time is now!

For more information: Contact: Holly Draluck Event coordinator Email: holly@orangaware.org Website: http://orangutancaringweek.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOrangutanEvents #OrangutanCaringWeek #OCW

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