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Measuring SEO Effectiveness

In our latest publication, we look at the four key principles to ensure you know the effectiveness of SEO. Your website should have analytical software attached - this provides you with the data you need to target, track and measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

Ensure increased traffic to your website - this can be done by analysing the traffic coming to your site from search engines, your page views, the types of visitor and the length of engagement.

Ensure that you are driving engagement on your site for people coming from a search engine - this can be related to both recent visits or repeated visits. It can also be about frequent visits, so, for example, how often they come back within a week. It could also be about the content on the site that they're interacting with based on how they reach you via a search engine.

Page ranking! - This is actually an obvious one because, of course, everything that you're doing is to increase your page ranking. The key is to ensure that you have the analytical report that shows you where your page is ranking every day. Then you can see if all the things you're doing to increase your ranking is improving the positioning of your site in the search page.

And finally, measure links to your site and the increase in numbers - So you need to keep a daily or weekly report about the number of links to your site. Google and its algorithm is as much about link building as it is about content, so ensuring the steady flow of an increase in links to your site will do wonders for the ranking of your site on Google or any other search engine.

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