Maddy, Scoops And Rosie End The Year In Style

The last month has been packed full of competitions for Scoops whilst Rosie continues to have a quiet few months after her busy summer.

On November 16th we headed to Dallas Burston Polo Club with Scoops in the 90cm Arena Eventing. He jumped round very bravely considering it was only his second arena event of the year, to just have a stop at a fence so he could have a good look at it. Although this meant we came away with no placings, I’m still very pleased with how he behaved. We then decided on the 30th Nov that we would give Rosie a little treat and go out jumping, so headed to Newbold Verdon for the 80cm Arena Eventing. Safe to say Rosie didn’t appreciate her treat and decided to throw her toys out of the pram. After some naughty antics in the warm up arena, she threw me off after a few fences of the course. She will have to have a little boot camp in the New Year if she continues with the naughty behaviour!

The next day I was a little bruised and sore but Scoops restored my faith in the horses by jumping two super rounds in the 85cm and 95cm at Vale View, to come 4th and 3rd. On the 7th December Scoops and I headed out for our last competition of 2019, at Vale View. As per usual, we were a tad late, so entered the 95cm twice to come 3rd in his first round and do a super clear in his second, non competitive round. This was a perfect end to the 2019 season and I can’t wait to hopefully replicate our success in 2020.

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