Survey Shows UK Pet Owners Flirt Better If Their Pet’s the Third Wheel!

Roses are red, violets are blue … but if you’re seeking true love, bring your Cockapoo! This is the clear message for this Valentine Day’s according to which has conducted a survey that found that 44% of single men and 31% of unattached women think it’s easier to flirt when with their pet.

A whopping 78% of pet owners also say they find people with pets more attractive and 38% of dog owners and 21% of cat owners have had a romantic encounter thanks to their pet.

92% say having a love of animals is a pre-requisite of any future partner and one-in-three (35%) hope a future partner will already have a pet snuggled up at home.

And it’s not all about those looking for love, with those in a relationship providing lots of romantic food for thought. Nearly one-in-four women (39%) prefer their pet to their partner, whilst more than a quarter of men (26%) say the same.

Little wonder that half of UK pet owners will be spending Valentine’s Day with their pet and 47% will be treating it to a token of their affection via a gift.

Trust issues could underpin the love of pets, with an incredible 91% of owners thinking their pets are more loyal than humans when it comes to love. Such loyalty has its rewards if you are a four-legged fluffy. 75% of pet owners would leave a future partner if asked to choose between their pet and their significant other.

Finally, there’s a strong message for those enduring a rocky-road relationship. Rather than having marriage counselling, consider getting a pet. More than two-thirds (72%) of pet owners think a pet has made their relationship stronger.

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