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'British Wildlife Tales' : Enchanting Rhyming Picture Books Introduce Children to Fascinating Wildlife on their Doorstep

‘The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden’, ‘The Birds Down the Lane’, ‘What’s in the Wood Pile?’ and ‘What's that Coming Over the Hill?’ are the first four volumes in the ‘British Wildlife Tales’ series – masterfully crafted by Carl Mynott.

Through a series of engrossing stories, wild adventures and dozens of playful caricatures, young readers can learn to identify over forty species of birds, bugs, mammals and more. It’s part of a wider project to excite British children about the amazing wildlife that live in the outdoors, and empower them to embrace conservation of these wonderful creatures.

Carl Mynott has spent his entire life fascinated by wildlife. He’s well aware there’s no shortage of species to discover and protect across the British Isles! It’s become a calling so strong that, after almost thirty years in the insurance industry, Mynott threw in the towel to forge a new career as an author.

And so the ‘British Wildlife Tales’ series was born, currently comprising four books that introduce children to the amazing wildlife that surrounds them, and helping to foster love and respect for the natural world.

“I want adults and learning youngsters to form a partnership early; one based around a strong curiosity for the natural world and a desire to protect the natural habitats of British wildlife,” explains the author. “This can start with my books, as children learn to identify the many wonderful species around them, and continue in the real world through adventures outside. There really is boundless discovery to be had.”

Continuing, “The book’s story is accompanied by some very detailed yet simple diagrammatical illustrations that highlight the key recognisable features of each of the species in the book; giving the reader the best possible chance of identifying the wildlife they might discover when they open the front door and venture outside. And the series is constantly growing, too, with many more volumes coming soon!”

The entire ‘British Wildlife Tales’ series is available now:

About the Author:

Carl Mynott has spent his entire life intrigued by wildlife of all kinds, especially birds. Keen on enthusing children to develop an interest in wildlife from a young age with a view to fostering a long-lasting respect for the natural world throughout their lives, and a subsequent consideration for the planet on the whole.

The author spent 28 years in insurance until 2019, when he handed his notice in so he could dedicate his life to writing and illustrating many more titles in the British Wildlife Tales series for little humans to enjoy


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