Lucy's Law - The story of a little dog who changed the world

On 6th April, Lucy’s Law will be officially brought into legislation in England – meaning that the third party sales of puppies and kittens will be illegal!

The new law is a result of years of tireless campaigning from PupAid, spearheaded by Marc Abraham who stopped at nothing to make this a reality.

In line with the law coming into effect, ‘Lucy’s Law – the story of a little dog who changed the world’ by Marc Abraham, was released on 5th March.

This powerful and incredibly moving story documents the journey of Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lucy who was rescued on the brink of death from a Welsh puppy farm with a curved spine from being kept in a cramped cage. Lucy was rescued in 2013 and was in a terrible way – her spine was fused, she was covered in scalds and burns, blind in one eye, had crippling arthritis, separation anxiety, and was badly underweight.

Her life turned around when she was chosen for adoption and rehabilitated by dog-lover Lisa Garner. Together with Marc - a vet determined to end the suffering of innocent animals – a journey began that would eventually change the world...

Marc will be making donations from book sales to various organisations that rescue and rehabilitate ex-puppy farm dogs too.

Lucy’s Law – the story of a little dog who changed the world by Marc Abraham, is available for pre-order now from Mirror Books (£8.99).

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