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Meet Our Pet Of The Month For August

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Winston the Cat and his caring owner, Bethany

Winston the cat is 18 years old we have had him since he was a kitten. He loves other cats and dogs. Since he has got older he has developed some very strange ways he is extremely demanding and sits on the window trying to hit us at tea time.

Winston has always been a cat who stays close to home he loves a fuss and still has a mad 10 minutes playing. He lives with Mitzy the collie and his cat friends Mr Gilbert, Dave and Camilla.

Winston has recently been featured on various websites as he loves the tank i made him during lockdown.

He loves his catnip and often cleans the other cats on the head but still puts them in their place if they are naughty.

We have been lucky to have Winston this long at 18 years old we are noticing he struggles a bit now but we love his quirky ways and as I am animals mad I love to look after them all.

By Bethany Rathbone age 14

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