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Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds

New Book Chronicles Idiosyncrasies of a Selection of the UK’s Most Fascinating Birds. Budding Twitcher? Read On!

Researched and compiled by Guy Riches, ‘Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds’ is a light-hearted, highly-informative compendium of some of the UK’s most remarkable, unusual and quirky feathered friends. Written in a unique format with each bird being given an often-comical alias, young readers and seasoned bird watchers will enjoy learning about ‘the squeaky bicycle pump bird’, ‘the ghost bird’ and even learn about a bird that spends two years in continuous flight. One critic wrote, “What a fantastic book. Well written and informative for any bird lover with some beautiful illustrations to match. The book was a perfect length and would make an ideal present for young or old.”

A bird that moos like a cow and raises young in a seaside burrow. The helicopter bird. The squeaky bicycle pump bird. The ghost bird. The torpedo bird. A bird that may fly a million miles in its lifetime and sees more hours of sunlight in a year than any other living animal. A bird that spends two years permanently on the wing, the black and white cockle catcher, the gardener’s friend and a bird called Frank. This light-hearted yet informative compilation is an easy-going peek into the lives of Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds. Appealing to young enquiring minds and seasoned enthusiasts alike, Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds is a cheerful introduction to each bird’s remarkable and distinctive quirks, talents, habits and personalities.

“I wanted to compile something that was of course informative, but also a lot of fun to read,” explains the author. “I start by giving each bird an unconventional alias, and then justify it within the narrative. As readers will quickly discover, the winged creatures above the UK are boundlessly unique. The book lays out all of their distinctive characteristics, abilities and some of their faults!”

Continuing, “I collaborated with Mike Langham, who provided bold and beautiful illustrations that really bring the volume to life. It’s a great resource for anyone with an interest in birds, as well as those who want to learn more about humanity’s responsibility to live harmoniously alongside nature in a sustainable way.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. One reader comments, “This is a wonderful companion book for budding young twitchers or experienced ones. Just the right amount of information for each bird, one page of description and interesting facts (such as where to find them and their collective noun)and on the facing page a beautiful illustration.”

Another adds, “A wonderful book that all households should have. Suitable for all ages, a very good insight into our British Birds. So pleased we found it.”

‘Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2Z5wOgM.

About the Author:

Guy Riches has enjoyed a lifetime’s interest in and love of the British countryside. Having worked on farms in the 1980s and gone on to read agriculture at university he remains enthralled by the natural world and in particular by the countryside, mountains and coasts of our magnificent British Isles. His particular interest surrounds the difficult yet essential balance between agriculture and conservation and how that balance and challenge is met in many diverse ways, often with great success, by industry, individuals and policy.

Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds presents these selected birds in in an approachable, fun, idiosyncratic and engaging manner, highlighting their remarkable personalities and astonishing individual abilities.

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